Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thank You Viola.

My previous post referred to the splendid Chair of Powys County Council. And I'm not just being sycophantic because she invited me, a mere commoner to join her in the posh seats today. It was the regal way in which she inspected the Parade. It was right up there with royals. I've done a bit of the same sort of thing at sporting occasions and school prize-givings - but nothing like this. Perhaps my most noteworthy presentation was to Michael Owen, the England footballer, when his Liverpool under 12s team won their age group at the Ian Rush Soccer Tournament. Anyway, its only right that that I should record Viola's triumph on my blog.


Alan in Dyfed said...

Let Wales have its own army, Glyn, and not one that is tied to Wales as a British dependency.
Then you may be truly proud of the sons and daughters of Glyndwr!

We need them to defend our nation, not to engage in risky and unadvised escapades in Irag and Afghanistan!

Anonymous said...

You must be getting something right Glyn - I was reading my copy of Golwg while thinking of what to do in the garden and low and behold an excellent article on the local elections gave you a mention in - worth sharing -
Talking about the results in Powys - a topic you sort of mention - now and again - I read the following "Gan mai Glyn Davies yw ymgeisydd seneddol y blaid (I assume they mean Y Blaid Tori here)mae'r canlyniadau diweddar yn argoeli'n dda iddo fe" ..all good news if you are now being tipped to knock out Mr Cheekyiski the part time TV presenter!

Always a great read Glyn - I will miss your Blog when you get to Westminster.

Benny Austwick said...

Glyn will stop his blog when he goes to Westminster? I do hope not.

I wont when I get elected in 30+ years :P

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - Not with you on this at all. I want our boys (including girls) to operate in British, but increasingly Nato and Security Council backed operations.

anon - I do think that the local council elections changed the wider public's opinion about my chances of winning the General Election. So Golwg was right there. And I see no reason why I should stop blogging if I were to become an MP. I would surely have a lot of blogging material to hand.

Benny - You and me both then.

Ben Dover said...

What has she got in her hair?
A spider?

Craig Williams said...

Viola is going to make a terrific Chair and certainly leave some big shoes to fill after her.

If only more Cllr's across Wales were like Viola... I fear Montgomeryshire has more than it's fair share of good Cllr's.

I am sure your invite will be the first of many - Viola will have a full calendar no doubt.

Glyn Davies said...

ben - Big birds fly over Welshpool. You should seen Dawn Bailey's hat.

craig - another do on the 29th - Viola's Civic Service in Llanfair Caereinion Church.

Anonymous said...

So the part-time MP for Montgomeryshire didn't get an invite? Did he attend perchance? No doubt about it, people locally now see you as the next MP. Roll on 2010!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Lembit was there, in the front row - and came to the reception afterwards. It was a great event.