Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Ugly - Official.

I think Councillor Bobby Mills was trying to be kind to us. A certain Ritchie Marriot had written a letter to the Editor of The Montgomeryshire County Times last week dismissing Cllr. Mills as a 'Tory'. Today's edition includes Cllr. Mills denial that he has ever been any such thing, but that he had found these 'Tories' to be far more responsive to his appeals for support than had been the Lib Dems. He then went on to claim that the Lib Dems only show any interest if there's a camera about. And he added "Conservatives are not photogenic, and gain respect from the public by doing the job, and not just to fill the local press with their involvement". Well, I know that I'm no oil painting, but I don't expect my friends to write to the newspapers to highlight it.


Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious, surely you're more photogenic than the present part-time member for Montgomeryshire, who just latches on to stunts! I would have thought the readers of the County Times have had enough of these desperate attempts to keep votes. Whatever you do, don't go down that particular road - it's a dead end. Keeing your dignity is paying dividends and people appreciate that there is an adult fighting their corner. Keep smiling your attractive smile Glyn. Who knows, even the saddo County Times might come around!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - blimey. I'll be a bit self conscious about smiing in public from now on.