Monday, June 23, 2008

Swallowing my Pride.

Until today, I have declined to apply for my Senior Railcard. I suppose I didn't want to be be the owner of a card which challenged my sense of youthfulness and vibrancy. Pathetic I know. But I'm travelling a bit more by train at the moment, and the cost has gone through the roof. The blood of a Welsh hill sheep farmer runs through my viens - so today, I swallowed my pride and trundled off down to the Council Offices in Welshpool, and filled in the appropriate form. The deed is done.

It didn't hurt anything like as much as when I was banned from playing from the Assembly's rugby team on the grounds that I'm too old. I'm told that the team has become affiliated to the Welsh Rugby Union, and there is no insurance cover for players over 55. This is disgracefully ageist, and should be investigated by the Older Person's Commissioner. To make it even more ridiculous, I was talking to a parliamentarian significantly older than I am, and he still plays for the Westminster rugby team. So I will be able to make my next comeback only if I win Montgomeryshire at the next General Election.

One thing seems a bit odd though. I'm just reading the leaflet which outlines what it calls 'Epic Savings for over 60s', which informs me that it is going to cost me £24. Well, I didn't pay anything at all. The best of this is that in future, I'll be able to join in all these discussions I've been missing out on, about how much money I've saved on my train journeys.

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Anonymous said...

Rugby kit to hand then Glyn, because you're free to play when you get to Westminster!