Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thanks Karen.

I've never met Rhondda Cynon Taff Lib Dem Councillor, Karen Roberts. But this blog wants to acknowledge her contribution to the Welsh blogosphere. Her approach to council debate has stimulated more comments than I've received for a while - and on a totally unrelated post about Stephen Kearney, the Lib Dem candidate in Henley. When I played rugby, informing one's opposite number that one intended to 'rip your f****** nuts off", or something similar was 'not unusual' as Tom might say. But I'd not previously heard of this rather unladylike promise of direct action being threatened in the council chambers of Wales before - though I've seen televised fights taking place in other debating chambers, as diverse as Italy and Japan. And I do recall Rhodri Morgan once describing a speech by Peter Rogers as "Bollocks" in the National Assembly for Wales. The only reason we knew that Rhodri had done this was that Peter roared out (as only he could) that "its not bollocks, First Minister". I swear this is true.

I don't think there is as much commenting on Welsh blogs as there used to be. Perhaps its moving on to new bloggers and leaving me behind. I suppose it could be that I've been outside the crucible of political action in Cardiff Bay for too long - and there's less interest in Westminster issues, which are inevitable becoming a greater part of my life, and this blog. If I didn't approve anonymous comments (and Christopher), there would be very little comment at all. And this is a pity - because one of the reasons why I publish opinionated posts is to encourage response. What is odd is that visitor numbers have generally gone up, while comments have fallen off.

Anyway, thanks Karen. No more blogging til tonight. I've just remembered that I need to put up the protection sheets over our cob nut trees, to prevent the b***** squirrels ripping the nuts off.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

First off, I'm glad me hightlighting Karen's Lib-Dem-Speak story proved so popular.

Perhaps I should point out that on this occassion, and it's probably self evident, 'anonymous' and the author of the letter in today's Western Mail In re BBC are actually one and the same.

I hope the same letter will be published in several national newspapers and will receive attention on at least one radio station.

The BBC has turned into something bad.

I have a prediction for the BBC, it's not a nice one. Is that a "I will rip off your nuts" type prediction? No, and anyway, 'not by my hands'. Cryptic? "Yeah Baby".

Left Field said...

If I didn't approve anonymous comments (and Christopher), there would be very little comment at all.

Speaking personally, in the summer I don't often bother with the blogs. Far better to get out and enjoy the light nights if not always the fine weather. It helps to live in gods own country, of course (I think Tamsin was lucky, no way would I want to move back to Crewe after being in South Wales.)

Also the May elections usually give me an overdose of politics. After that, I return to a state of apathy. So until the US elections, have a good summer ;-)

Anonymous said...

She is not a Councillor. She lost her seat to Labour in 2004 and lost to Labour again in 2008

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - bit harsh about the Beeb. When a broadcaster becomes as dominant as the BBC, we're going to challenge her more because there's noboby else to do it - but I don't think its fair to call her 'something bad'. And anyway, she's quite good to me.

left field - very sensible too.

anon - thanks for putting me straight. What did she say when she lost the election!

Alan in Dyfed said...

Squirrels have to eat too.
Man is a product of nature just as the squirrels and bats.
He was not put on earth to dominate and control.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Anonymous> "She is not a Councillor. She lost her seat to Labour in 2004 and lost to Labour again in 2008" – might explain the report that the "less than ladylike language" occurred after, and not during, the council meeting.

Glyn> That's the "thing though isn't it", the BBC being so dominant in both radio and TV news that politicians can feel intimidated; politicians might feel that if they criticise the BBC they will not get asked to do interviews or asked for their view on such and such a thing and so miss out on the "oxygen of publicity".

Glyn Davies said...

alan - Personally I would deprive all of our grey squirrels of food if it could be organised. They are not an indiginous species, and are killing off our reds. Beavers in and Squirrels out.

Christopher - I might say that I have to be careful what I say about the Beeb, but in reality, I can and do criticise whenever I think its deserved - and I've never felt victimised.