Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Banning the Brown Infidel

15 minutes before midnight. Just back from a day trip to Edinburgh, working for the European Care Group. Need to unwind before bed, so looking through the Telegraph for the ridiculous. And sure enough. It seems that The Vatican has taken the hump big-time with Dan Brown. It hasn't forgiven him for suggesting that Jesus might have been secretly married to Mary Magdelene, in 'The De Vinci Code'. As if anyone would swallow that bit of outrageous fantasy. The only book that I've read that was even less believable was 'Angels and Demons' by the same author - a sort of 'Indianna Jones saves The Vatican and gets the girl'. Complete tosh, but a great read.

Anyway, Sony Pictures is turning this unlikely tale of 'Science v Religion' into a film, and wanted to add a little authenticity by shooting some scenes in Rome's Catholic Churches. No chance. Vatican spokesman, Father Marco Fibbi said

"Usually we read the script, but in this case it wasn't necessary. Just the name, Dan Brown was enough. 'Angels and Demons' peddles a type of fantasy that damages our common religious beliefs, just like 'The De Vinci Code'did.

Dan Brown must be rubbing his hands in delighted anticipation as he counts all the extra dollars that this ban will put in his wallet. And what a wasted opportunity to put some euros in The Vatican's coffers. Just remember what filming 'The Prisoner' did for visitor numbers to Portmeirion.


Anonymous said...

From the headline I thought you were 'talking about' Gordon Brown ... 'how silly of me'.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Who?

Mrs Brown