Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BNP canvassing in Montgomeryshire.

There may not be an election in the offing (unless Gordon Brown gives up the ghost), but the British National Party are out canvassing in Montgomeryshire. There's just been a leaflet drop in Guilsfield asking for donations by credit card to a 0870 number or a request for membership information from an address in Worcester. The top headline of the leaflet is 'Crime and Antisocial Behaviour Are Out Of Control' and postulates that the answer is to put more police back on the street, instead of sitting behind desks learning how to be politically correct.

The second issue raised is the party's intention to bring in a Tony Martin Law. I think this means that its OK to kill any person who enters your home with criminal intention. The BNP's opinion is that once a criminal enters someone else's home, they sacrifice any rights that they may have.

The third promise by the BNP wants to bring back the death penalty for child killers and pass a law which allow parents to know if any registered sex offenders live in their area because paedophiles have no rights. The BNP certainly knows how to press populist buttons. I have much sympathy with the 'Police paperwork' issue, but I don't agree with the other two - despite the initial knee jerk superficial attraction.

There was no indication whatsoever of racial prejudice. The BNP has learned to use verbal make-up to hide its ugliness. I raise all this to highlight the seriousness of the threat that the BNP represents.


little red rooster said...

The BNP's official policy is to allow all citizens to have a gun at home... it's in the manifesto. So expect a lot more Tony Martins shooting first and asking questions later if the BNP ever get into power...

Glyn Davies said...

little red rooster - I share your instincts here. I realise that there was a lot of public sympathy for Tony Martin, but a jury decided, on the basis of all the evidence that he was guilty of a serious crime. If householders claim the right to shoot anyone who invades their privacy, there would a shooting free for all, and a general increase in violent crime. Just cannot allow it in a civilised society.

johnny foreigner said...

Glyn said.....

.....and a general increase in violent crime. Just cannot allow it in a civilised society.

johnny says.....

How are you going to stop it? Threats of violence?

Unfortunately Glyn, whilst most people may not wish to allow violent crime in civilised society, I fear that we are far too late.

The prevalence of gun, knife crime and general violence in many parts of the UK is, I believe, a clear imitation of the violence invoked by many governments, our own included.

We are constantly being bombarded by images and accounts of the glorification of violence, both real and imaginary, on a daily basis.

You have previously gleefully described yourself as the 'enforcer' and state that you have taken part in the violence that seems to pervade the game of Rugby. Blind-side, naturally. This is hardly a good example to any sports enthusiast and clearly supports violence, even in sport.

The buzzwords for the Iraq war were 'Shock and Awe' and were a clear message to all that if you wish to get your own way, the most effective way is to use totally disproportionate violence against a weaker foe.

This is further exemplified by Israel's actions against the Palestinians.

A more local example could possibly be you being roughly awakened from your slumbers by a sawn-off shotgun prodding you in the ear. I daresay that you would be 'shocked' and 'awe-struck' and presumably would become compliant to the shotgun holder's wishes.

Unfortunately your role as the 'enforcer' would be somewhat reversed and one would presume that you would resort to the use of your diplomatic skills, which hopefully would resolve the situation.

Sadly, violence begets violence and we are all the poorer for it.

Whilst I appreciate that there are occasions where a violent response to a threat or act of violence would appear to be the correct response, I think we all realise that in terms of simple humanity it would be wrong.

I daresay that our Christian brethren, and sistren, would quote Jesus with his call to 'turn the other cheek' but unfortunately, currently, there are few listening.

As Confucius said: Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

We have much to learn.

Your pal.


Anonymous said...

They sound like the tories of years ago to me with the words they use. I once gave 3 fellows a good dose of a sharp shock. Ended up in court. Case dismissed! Would not hesitate to do the same thing again. Has any one got any time for the police these days?

Jonathan M. Scott said...

These issues haven't been dealt with effectively by the Government. It often seems that people who don't separate their rubbish (or pay their TV license) get harsher sentences than child molesters.

Politicians need to deal with these issues robustly, to see off the BNP!

Benny Austwick said...

what a ridiculous leaflet. Their death penalty promise is actually "we promise to deliver the death penalty to anyone that the Daily Mail or The Sun demonises"

Tis ridiculous.

You could also say that if a friend of yours comes into your house and you think they might want to do anything criminal such as break something or slap you then the BNP is giving you the right to kill.

They need to go back to school

Prasit said...

Sounds like the Tory party of not that long ago.
I once gave 3 men a good sharp shock, when they tried to mug me on my own land.
I ended up in court, case dismissed.
And you know some thing?
If it happens again, who ever it is, will get more of the same!
I am a Tory, but the BNP are getting votes here and there, because some of us do not feel the main parties care enough about us.

Alan in Dyfed said...

Ban violence and bad language and inappropriate behaviour on television and you may start to reform society, but I think it may be too late.

Anonymous said...

Which country is prasit talking about?

Glyn Davies said...

Johnny - its never to late to improve the position.

'Enforcement' on a rugby field certainly does involve a level of violence, but within a code of behavior. Not taking a step back is part of the game, and part of my approach to life. There is a case for this approach in international affairs. Proportionality is key though.

Jonathon - I agree with the gist of your comment. There is an impression that the criminal justice system is more interested in punishing people who try to defend themselves than the law breakers. This needs to change.

Benny - I just think its dangerous to try to decide a case, or second guess a jury, from reading about it in a newspaper.

Prasit - I agree that we have to respond to the damaging pereception that the criminal justice system is not on the side of the law abiding. The BNP have learned a lot about presentation, and which buttons to press, without letting on about their true approach to society.