Thursday, June 26, 2008

Common Sense at Llanidloes.

Occasionally, I attend a meeting which gives me some faith that 'common sense' has not completely deserted discussion about how we organise our health care system. It was a meeting about the future of the Community Hospital at Llanidloes, which has been operating under a 'Sword of Damocles' for years. What was so very good about tonight's meeting was that it was local people and organizations (or what are today referred to as stakeholders)discussing a sensible and realistic way forward, and not discussing some diktat from the Assembly Government. There was a recognition that the much loved Memorial Hospital would have to change to survive, and become an "Integrated Health and Social Care Facility". I was there as a 'substitute' for regional AM, Nick Bourne, and I'm not blogging about the detail because I don't know what was and wasn't public. But I will say that Llanidloes is fortunate to have a GP Surgery as committed to the town as that which Dr Stephen Leslie is part of. There are some really major issues to be addressed and this blog will return to this subject when I know the status of the meeting.

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