Saturday, June 14, 2008

Springstein calls.

Won't be blogging or commenting til tomorrow night. I'm off to Cardiff to see Bruce Springstein.


Alan in Dyfed said...

Will think of you 'dancing in the dark', while I drive down to Spain.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy the concert Glyn - but while you are in Cardiff - will you be giving Alun Cairns AM any advice?

Anonymous said...

My poor old father - who's only ever voted Tory on the regional ballot paper in Mid & West Wales at Assembly elections because of you Glyn after I told him to story of you getting stopped by the police when you weren't wearing any trousers - was supposed to be at that Springstein gig but he fell at home and broke his sholder. He's gutted to miss it but will have a wry smile when I tell him you've been. He'll no doubt crack a joke about you wearing trousers to the gig!

Frank H Little said...

You should check that you haven't been sold a fake ticket. :-)

Anonymous said...

Fair dos Glyn!
Up late rocking to 'The Boss'

Know what - Bruce is still the man!
Wonder when he is over here again?
I think he is great.
Tell us all about it Glyn!

Glyn Davies said...

alan - he didn't do 'Dancing in the Dark'.

anon - didn't see Alun - other things on his mind!

anon2 - Some things one can never live down. Hope your father makes a quick recovery, and that you used his ticket.

Frank - I know. I spelt Springsteen wrong. No need to rub it in.

Anon - Will probably do a post on it tonight.