Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boris is back.

I was always concerned about Boris Johnson going into politics. It seemed such a terrible loss to journalism. But this literary colossus can do both jobs - easy as riding a bike. Is there no limit to his talent? Today, he's back, adorning the centre pages of the Telegraph, and using his bicycle helmet as a means to peddle his support for David Davis.

I've never actually worn a bicycle helmet. But then I haven't ridden a bicycle since the part of my body which would be in contact with the seat, was radically redesigned a few years back. So Boris has laid down the challenge. To ride again, or not to ride. And there's the inevitable question. To don the helmet, or go to jail, which could well necessitate the release of a violent criminal to accommodate me. But now that I know Boris is back, doing what he does better than anyone else, I can retire to bed happy and content that the world is a better place.

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