Monday, June 23, 2008

Caught in the 'Arsct'

Fascinating debate taking place on Peter Black's blog about whether Ms Eleanor Burnham, AM used the word "arse" in the National Assembly debating chamber last week. Spin Doctor in his column in the Wales on Sunday started things off by claiming that she did - but Peter has claimed that this was 'lazy journalism' because it was only on the basis of an inaccurate blog post from Alwyn. Peter took exception and claimed he had checked the video evidence and reassuring us that she told the First Minister to "get your act together", only for this more lady-like, sanitised version to be challenged by Frank Little, who also claims to have reviewed the video evidence. Peter then backtracked in commentss, ever so marginally, to admit that she did not fully pronounce the offending word, using only a half of the first syllable. There doesn't seem much doubt that Ms Burnham was intent on advising the First Minister of the National Assembly for Wales to "get his a*** into gear", but adjusted this to say something like "Get your arsct together". Either way, it was an admirable bit of quick thinking on her part. By the way, isn't there just one syllable in a***. I think we need an inquiry to get to the bottom of this.


Frank H Little said...

Sad person that I am, I confess to having a recording of the proceedings (on old-fashioned video cassette off-air, not digital like you rich farmers and AMs).

I confirm that I was only half right. Ms Burnham concluded: "[electrification of the railway from] Crewe to Holyhead could well be within our sights, as could be getting the freight off the roads. Do you not agree with me, First Minister, that you do lack vision and it's about time you got your ar... act together?"

There is just the slightest hint of sibilance, but that could be down to the recording. :-)

Peter Black said...

Fair dos there is only one syllable in arse. Next time I will just turn the other cheek.