Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wheels coming off

Here's a few quotes from the major article in today's Telegraph which describes the way we are being governed in Britain.

"...the insatiable greed of the state in all its manifestations to take the people's money for its own, often incompetent and counter-productive ends"

or this one "But when the state hoovers up nearly two thirds of a trillion pounds from national income, describing such economics as neo-liberal is to mock language"

or this one which is even better "I do not know of a single minister who privately does not despair at the waste of money on pointless projects, publications or legions of press officers that add no value"

and to sum up "Today's Prime Minister should seek to lead a more modest state. He might care to call it a prudent state which leaves more money with the citizen, so that social justice is not confused with state aggrandisement"

Which member of the growing coalition of dissatisfaction with Gordon Brown would have written such a hard-hitting article - which challenges the whole ethos of the way Gordon Brown has led the nation in both his role as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and as Prime Minister. But whats this? Its one of Gordon Brown's own team saying all this. Its the Rt. Hon. Denis MacShane, Labour MP for Rotherham. The article may be all sensible stuff, but from a member of the party which has created the bloated state, and which is led by a man who believes in the capacity of the state to deliver solutions to all problems. All it tells me is that the Labour Government is collapsing from within.