Saturday, May 24, 2008

An odd 'thought' from Oscar.

My IT advisor (OK, so I have to ask daughter Sally every little thing about my computer) has arranged for something called 'Google Alerts' to email me every day to report where my name has cropped up on other blogs. Well, there was a really odd one today. A blogger who posts under the name of Oscar, has published a post entitled 'Glyn wants to be elevated'. It seems that he's (if a he it is) has been ferreting through my old posts and has come up with the following comment.

"I am not at all sure about taking on Lembit. I'm a bit too committed to Wales to want to be an MP. Of course I would like the Lords if I could spend half my time in Wales. But so would a lot of others - but its not my call."

Now Oscar and I have history. He used to read my blog, but decided that it wasn't for him/her and informed me (none to politely) that he/she was off to read something more to his/her taste. And now, several months later, up he/she pops and writes this odd post. And I can't even make up my mind whether the intention is to inflict electoral damage upon myself, or perhaps its just a harmless attempt to take the p***.

Anyway, this comment must have been made during the few weeks immediately after I lost my position as an Assembly Member last May. I may well not have fully recovered from my disappointment. I also recall that several fellow bloggers were encouraging me to have a crack at Lembit Opik in the General Election - and there were others (OK, perhaps one) who were suggesting that I might be 'elevated'. Well I wasn't at all sure what I wanted to do at the time, except that I knew that I quite enjoyed my politics. And I spoke with several friends before satisfying myself that being an MP was right for me. In fact I was not certain about it until I submitted my application form to the Montgomeryshire Association, some weeks later. And then I was sure.

The comment is also revealing in another way - the reference to spending time in Wales. I've always said that the aspect of the MP role that would grab me most would be the relationship between the UK Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales. That hasn't changed. I would hope to spend quite a bit of time in Cardiff, and we decided to keep our flat in Century Wharf just in case. It remains my opinion that if devolution is to be a success, it needs MPs committed to it just as much as it needs AMs, probably more so. Devolution is from somewhere as well as to somewhere.

I'm amused about the reference to the House of Lords though. Never for one second thought I'd be elevated of course, but I wouldn't have minded at all. Its such a very civilised place, and I know quite a few of their Lordships. Me and about 10,000 others I should think. Big deal. But I still can't fathom why a blogger, who decided many months ago to not visit my site again should publish such a very odd post.


David Copinsky said...

In fairness the story has being doing the rounds for some time now.
To be fair, there are members of the Lords wih far less a credentials already there, but that is a nother point.
I would take it that Oscar was taking the michael!
I have a very good idea that Oscar does a bit of freelancing with the Daily Post.
You even had supper with a couple of the Lords the other evening, in support of Wyn.
Wyn's one local party by the way have not even bothered to carry out their planned dinner in his honour, i was told by a friend who is a local memeber of the party in that area it has been postponed!

Glyn Davies said...

David - Even more odd. Why on earth would anyone think that I do not want to be an MP. After losing my Assembly seat, I took a few days to decide whether I should just retire from politics altogether - and decided that I wanted to continue. I discussed the issue with several people, and eventually decided to seek approval to become a Parliamentary candidate. The only seat that interested me was my home area, Montgomeryshire - despite knowing that victory required a massive 13%swing. When I threw my hat into the Montgomeryshire ring, I was informing the Association that I'd become certain. All this seems to be fairly normal behaviour to me. If I hadn't lost my seat, I would not be a candidate.

The Lords angle is ridiculous. During the first few weeks after last May's election, there was a bit of idle speculation (more fun than anything else) about Lord Davies of Montg. - but I didn't take it seriously at all. I don't think anyone did. But at the time, along with many many others, I wouldn't have minded - so when someone asked me, that is what I said.

I did have dinner with three of their Lordships last Wednesday in London - held in honour of Lord Roberts. It really was a great ocassion. There were 8 of us there, all friends and admirers of the great man. If I do make it to the House of Commons, I'll be able to nip next door to meet Wyn on a regular basis.

David Copinsky said...

When was the last time you heard of a female by the name of Oscar i wonder?

"I do make it to the House of Commons, I'll be able to nip next door to meet Wyn on a regular basis."

You sum up what most of us think of the Lords, they sit on their bums socialising!

Glyn Davies said...

david - Its not unknown for a female blogger to adopt a male blog identity - and I have no idea who Oscar is.

I have to say that I've heard some outstandingly good speeches delivered on the Lords benches. It lacks much of the brutality of the Commons, but the quality of the debate is often superior. Anyway, I nip into palace of Westminster to have a coffee with an MP much more often than with one of their Lordships.

freddie vaughan said...

You have not linked this posting.
Where is it on please?
I would like to read it.

Glyn Davies said...

freddie - I've now linked to the blog, so you can track it down yourself. I do need to add a few new ones to my blogroll.

Jerome Burns said...

Oscar has by all accounts got lots right in his own area.
He spent Christmas in your neck of the woods according to his blog at the time.
You put what he refers to in your own blog some time ago.
In my book that gives him the right to quote you as and when he sees it to do so.

Glyn Davies said...

jerome - I wasn't objecting to it. I just thought it was a bit odd to go back so far - especially since he told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't have any toime for the stuff that I post.