Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Simon Baynes, Group Leader.

With apologies to my non Powys readers, I anticipate posting quite often on Powys Council issues over the next few weeks. Since last Thursday, we have a strong foundation on which to build our bid to win the next General Election in Montgomeryshire, and I want to tell you about how its developing. So here goes. Been talking to the new Group Leader of the Conservative Group on Powys County Council today. I couldn't be more pleased. Simon Baynes is perfect for the job. And to strike a nice balance between North and South, Mike Hodges from Llandrindod Wells is Deputy Chair of the Group. Another super decision is that Peter Harris will be the 'whip' for the Group. Our aim is that we should be the most organised, professional, respected and disciplined group on the Council, and today has obviously been a great start.

Its a bit early for us to establish protocols between the Group and myself, as Parliamentary candidate for Montgomeryshire - and Suzy Davies in B and R. I've told Simon that I want to be subject to the same disciplines (daresay he thought that was a bit of a first) as our councillors. I also hope to attend some of their meetings. Our strength will be greater if we all work as a team in the public interest. It is very exciting for us, in that the Conservative Party in Montgomeryshire has never been in this position before.

I hear rumours that the two 'Independent' groups are considering the idea of joining up. Personally, I think this could give more structure to the Council, and would reduce personality-based disagreements. It would also give us a clearer identity as well. As Tony Blair might have said, we are going to focus on three issues, 'Public Service, Public Service and Public Service'.


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Sam said...

hey Glyn what do you think of the ex bishop being appointed CEO of PAVO see Valleysmams blog

Anonymous said...

An impresive team indeed! Let's hope that they hold the Independents, LibDems and highly-paid Officials to account.

glyn - you being under the whip? the mind boggles! I thought whips were the preserve of the LibDem front bench?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - boring for you. Essential groundwork for me. Its the only way I'm going to stand any chance of becoming an MP.

sam - certainly interesting. I don't know him at all, and I have not spoken to anyone to help me from an opinion on this. Cannot say more.

roman - I hope they do. They have made a very good start.
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