Friday, May 02, 2008

See Welshpool by Classic Bus.

A relic from a bygone era, or the new face of Welshpool? The Leyland 'Classic Bus' (YRC 194) was standing outside the Tourism Information Centre in Welshpool at 9.15 this morning, all polished up and ready for service. Must admit, my first thought was what guarantee the Town Council has that this old girl will be able to make it to the top of Red Bank, when packed full to the gunnels with tourists. Looked as if the Town Clerk, Robert Robinson, had exactly the same idea because he had arranged to have an ex-London Transport Red Routemaster standing by in reserve. I suggested that he was expressing his sympathy with Boris Johnson, who is pledged to bring back the Routemaster to the streets of London.

I couldn't join the tour because I wanted to get up to the Town Hall for the election count, so waved off the dignitaries, after the ribbon had been cut. I'm told she only just made it up the hill towards Powis Castle. Anyway Welshpol now has its own 'tour bus' taking in the Castle, Charlies, the Cockpit, the Light Railway, the Conservative Party office and the Town Hall, scene of today's 'count' where the Montgomeryshire Conservatives pulled off what was probably the best Conservative election result in Britain.


Anonymous said...

What was the result?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - the bus has been elected to represent Welshpool.