Saturday, May 03, 2008

Looking down South

Councillor Gary Price from Llandrindod Wells has let me know, via comments, what happened in Brecon and Radnorshire last Thursday. Its worth a specific post. I've been so consumed with what is happening in Montgomeryshire (North Powys) that I've not kept myself up to speed on the rest of the new Conservative Group on Powys County Council. Gary informs me that I should also be congratulating;

Mike Hodges, new Conservative Councillor for Llandrindod Wells (don't know which ward).
Sarah Millington, new Conservative Councillor for Llandrindod South.
Gareth Ratcliffe, new Conservative Councillor for Hay-on-Wye.

I know Mike, because he runs the shop where I often buy a newspaper when I'm passing through Lland'od. I'm looking forward to working with the other two, who are both in their twenties. These three, together with the six new Conservative Councillors from Montgomeryshire form the new Group of nine that will be meeting for the first time next Tuesday. Exciting times. I daresay that Brecon and Radnorshire Conservative Candidate, Suzy Davies will be looking on these three as important lieutenants in her campaign to become the constituency MP - just as I will be hoping I can construct my campaign with the help of the six Conservative Councillors in Montgomeryshire.


Gary said...

Glyn, Many thanks for the mention, I am looking forward to working with both Sarah & Mike as the three Llandrindod Wells Cllrs and also I am no longer the youngest PCC Cllr anymore.

Glyn Davies said...

gary - let me know what's happening in B and R. I could do with contacts from all over Wales letting me know on