Monday, May 05, 2008

Jockeying for Position.

We didn't set out to put more profit in BT's bank account, but that seems to be what we've done. Since the Conservative Party dropped its bombshell on Powys County Council last Thursday by winning 9 seats from nowhere, the telephones haven't stopped ringing. Not our telephones you understand. But the telephones of the new 'Independent' members, as the leading lights in the two 'Independent' groups try to pressurise them into joining either the MIGs or the PIGs. (Montgomeryshire Independent Group or the Powys Independent Group). Strangely enough I'm told that the leading pressuriser on behalf of the PIGs is Councillor Wynn Jones, who until last Thursday, was a leading light in the MIGs. I fancy he's been struck off some people's Xmas card list. I might speculate why in a post sometime. Apropos nothing, I'll mention that the Board Chairman is drawn from the largest group, which at present happens to be the PIGs.

Its a bit of a job trying to work out what this is all about. It doesn't seem to be anything about policy as far as I can see. Personally, I don't think its anything about snouts in better plenished troughs either, although Board Members are paid a few thousand more. (My own view is that 'backbench' councillors are well paid, but Board Members earn every penny). Its seems to be about power, or at least the right to appoint members to the Board and to various Committees. I'll try to explain it.

Powys County Council is run by a Board of 15 councillors, who are chosen is proportion to the number of seats won by the groups. So the new Board will probably comprise 1 Labour, 2 Lib Dems, 2 Conservatives, 3 MIGs and 7 PIGs. Now if the PIGs can peel off one or two of the MIGs, the latter's total might drop to 2. The only one who has jumped ship so far in Wynn Jones, Councillor for Abermule, but I'm hearing rumours about one or two others as well. I'm told the Stephen Hayes, Councillor for Montgomery is also ringing around lobbying. Again personally, because of my life long commitment to Montgomeryshire, I would join the MIGs if I were an 'Independent'. I understand that there have been letters circulating as well, concerning this threat from the Conservatives. I'll publish a copy if Edna Mopbucket can find one when she's cleaning the Council Offices next week.

None of this jockeying will have the slightest effect on us of course. All we intend to do is get our heads down, work as hard as we can for our constituents, and prove our commitment to public service. The Montgomeryshire electorate have given us a huge vote of confidence, and we're not going to let them down. The power games - that's for the 'Independents' to play.

NOTE - Russ has corrected me. The Lib Dems have 15 seats, and will qualify for 3 Board members - so I suppose there will be one less PIG.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn
If The LibDems got 15 councillors,dos'nt this mean that they would have 3 seats on the board? Russ

Llanidloes Chartist said...

I'd worry about next year's budget. There will be no floor this time because of the idiotic behaviour of Ynys Mon councillors who cried wolf and then produced the lowest council tax in Wales. The real question is how will those who run Powys handle what will be a series of difficult financial settlements?

Glyn Davies said...

Russ - I may have the size of the Lib Dem group wrong. For some reason I thought I thought it was 9. If they do have 15 seats, then they would indeed be entitled to 3 seats on the Board

Ll Chartist - You are so right about this. Very few people understand the consequences of last years 'extra 1%' being a one-off. I have not the slightest doubt that the dominating feature of Council policy discussions over the next year or two will be how to handle cutbacks. All the more reason to be financially prudent about everything. And Ynys Mon have always been a law unto temselves.

Anonymous said...

u r montys leading trouble stirrer glyn

ROMAN JONES Esq. said...

There is much more to come out of the Wynne Jones cupboard I am sure...

Anonymous said...

Glyn its Powys Indipendant Members
a little more sophisticated than pigs
your use of acronyms is a little like Bush organising
The War Against Terrorists
mind you dont ostracise too many sympathisers with your acid wit

Anonymous said...

"Claims the ex-chief of Dyfed-Powys Police misused a work computer and a corporate credit card while having an affair have been upheld.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found all allegations against Terry Grange proved."

Are you still so vocal in support of him now Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - they will henceforth be known as PIMs and MIMs. I only use the acronyms because others have used them in conversations with me. Some of the PIMs are very good friends of mine.

anon - when this issue blew up, I said that he had always seemed to me to be a very good policeman. I was very surprised by what happened. It is clear that the behaviour was not acceptable, particularly in a Chief Constable, and he has paid a heavy price, at least in terms of reputation - if not in terms of pension entitlement.