Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Charity Cheek

I was deeply traumatised when I turned onto page 10 in today's Telegraph. There was a photograph of 4 topless ladies on horseback. (There are 6 of them featuring on the on-line page). It seems there were 50 of them in all. In fact the rider nearest to the camera did not seem to be wearing anything at all - just sitting there in her stirrups. Until I read the story, I thought they were on their way to the Carlton Club to argue the case for women to be allowed to join as members, an issue that is being decided tonight. If they hadn't been raising money for a cancer charity, I would consider making a formal complaint. If I'd known that this stunt was to take place in Hyde Park yesterday, I'd have considered going down to London to express my disapproval in person.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

“Cheek” … well perhaps Lembit Öpik who is engaged to half of the Cheeky Girls will come up with another memorable Early Day Motion sister to EDM 1612!



Glyn Davies said...

Chris - not the first Lib Dem to utter the words "Do you know who I am".

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"Couldn't possibly comment", but I did notice that one of the sponsors to EDM 1612 was Peter Bottomley.

Peter had a quirky sense of humour!

If memory serves, in Parliament he liked to speak fast to slip in nonsense word combinations that other 'listening' or 'half dead' MPs didn't pick up. I think there was an 'in house' competition between Peter and at least one other MP - wasn't John Major for a time in on the gag?

I remember Virginia Bottomley on Channel 4 News being interviewed (I guess by Jon Snow) and Virginia rapid firing off statistics so fast that the interview couldn’t take it all in. Perhaps Virginia should have been born Virginia Gatling instead of Virginia Garnett.

As an aside, apparently Peter Bottomley was, in part, educated at a school in Washington DC.