Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whatever happened to Tamsin?

I thought I knew Tamsin Dunwoody quite well. We served together as members of the National Assembly for Wales until we both lost our positions last May. She'd always seemed a decent sort to me. So where on earth did this vile stuff come from. I wonder whether she's ashamed of her own Party. She should be and she deserves to lose - big time.


Anonymous said...

Whoever recently suggested that Labour has become the new Nasty Party was not wrong. This kind of electioneering will prove every bit as successful as the Tory's "Demon Eyes - New Labour New Danger" campaign back in 1997.

Jonathan M. Scott said...

Class war doesn't work any more; and Gwyneth Dunwoody NEVER used it, as she relied on her popularity.

The News of the World/ICM poll conducted in C & N (C 45%, L 37%, LD 14%) is enough to give Edward Timpson a 2,000 majority on a 40% turnout.

Glyn Davies said...

sanddef - I still have a 'Demon Eyes' tie. I bought it as a colletor's item at the time. Its a very nice design.

jonathon - I agree that it doesn't work. In fact, it might help our man. I'm just disappointed that someone stooped so low, when I would have expected better.

Left Field said...

I think there are better ways to convey that the heir to the Timpson shops chain who lives in a mansion house, is not going to have much empathy for your average worker in Crewe Works or at Bentley (apart from purchasing, of course.)

Someone on the Crewe Blog suggested "Cobblers to Timpson", but I couldn't possibly comment :)

I loved what one constituent in Crewe said in respect to the 10p tax band "You expect the Tories to put their foot on the back of your neck, press your face in the dirt and expect you to say thank you for the priviledge. But you don't expect that of your own mob"

I'm still bewildered as to why Nantwich has suddenly developed a silent 'T' as in "Nan'wich" After going to sixth form there, and spending many a drunken evening in The Crown, it certainly used to have a 'T'

Anonymous said...

parachuted in, deserves to lose, at leas the tory is somewhere local.

plus she was rubbish in the assembly

Glyn Davies said...

left field - it was definitely Nantwich with a 'T' when I played rugby there several years ago.

anon - I've been very surprised by Tamsin's attitude and believe it would be very damaging to our democracy if such a despicable campaign were to be successful. She has really let herself down.