Monday, May 26, 2008

Disgusted of Montgomeryshire

One of my favourite blogs is that of Valley's Mam. But I must admit to being shocked to the very core of my being by her most recent post. Can you just imagine the stick I'd have had if I'd dared publish such a post on this blog. That's the trouble with the Blogosphere. You just click in, and you find this sort of thing.

UPDATE - VM has removed the post. I just hope that it was nothing to do with my comment on it. I wasn't being entirely serious - in fact, not serious at all. OK, so the post was a touch rude, but they were all genuine, and very funny 'blips'. I hope VM will tell me that she removed the post for other reasons, because I'm on a bad run, where my blog is being read in a different light from the way its written. For a few days, I'll now be knocked back into straight political blogging - just to avoid causing offence. And by the way, Valley's Mam writes one of the best Welsh blogs.


Sam said...

get on glyn, it was very funny and all true blips

Anonymous said...

sam i dont think you are quite logged on to glyns sense of humour.

Peter Black said...

Which post are we talking about here? A perma-link would have helped.

Glyn Davies said...

Peter - I think Valley's Mam has deleted it. I hope it wan't anything to do with me. I wasn't being serious. Perhaps I carried the irony too far. Anyway, it seems to have gone.

Valleys Mam said...

Hi Glyn
No I knew you were being ironic
I left it for a few days, but took it down as it really wasnt in line with my usual postings. It was a holiday one
Glad I didnt offend you :>)
No way are you a fuddy duddy Glyn