Friday, May 02, 2008

Looking Good

I don't suppose people are going to take much notice of the electoral performance of the Conservatives in Montgomeryshire, but if we have performed as well as I hope we have, we may have produced the best result throughout England and Wales. Its a pity the votes are not being counted until tomorrow. I've been down to the verification of votes in Welshpool tonight, and I'm not one bit wiser. It did seem to me that there are a lot of wards that are too close to call. But I didn't see anything to make me pessimistic. My last post dealt with predictions. Now I'll tell you my hopes, and what I think will give me a good base to take on Lembit Opik in the General Election.

1) - I would like us to overtake the Liberal Democrats in Montgomeryshire.

2) - I would like us to win the three most Welsh wards in Montgomeryshire - Llanwddyn, Llanfyllin and Llanrhaedr/Llansilin. Montgomeryshire Conservatives is a bilingual association. I will not allow my name to go out on leaflets that are not bilingual - even in the least Welsh areas. Winning these three seats would be a truly epic change across a large swathe of North Montgomeryshire - and a huge message for my party.

3) - I would like us to win seats against against strong Independent or Liberal opposition, to show that we can win. For always, Conservatives have been standing as Independents because they thought they couldn't win. I want to prove then wrong. Which is why I'd particularly like to win Llanfyllin, and the three seats we are fighting in Newtown. Perhaps it would encourage some of these Independents to stand as Conservatives next time around. OK, maybe I'm dreaming when I comment thus - but I am posting about what I really really want.

Its now a quarter past one - and I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

The Force is strong with your party!

Glyn Davies said...

`Roman - a truly stunning result in Montgomeryshire, which I will blog about later on tonight.