Friday, May 02, 2008

A political highpoint.

Relaxing at home with a glass of wine. Alone because Mrs D is in Barcelona, watching the Spanish Open Tennis Championships. Its been a very special day. I've been to the Powys County Council election count. The Montgomeryshire Conservatives won six seats, which is a truly groundbreaking result, and one that I could only have been imagined in my wildest fantasies. We have not previously held a seat on the Council.

I don't think the sheer scale of what has happened has yet impacted on the Welsh media yet. The most striking aspect of our result is that the Conservatives have taken the three most Welsh seats on Powys County Council, including Lake Vyrnwy, which under which lies the submerged village of Llanwddyn and Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant, the town forever associated with the translation of the Holy Bible into Welsh by William Morgan. This work is regarded to this day as a monument in the history of the Welsh Language. 20 years ago, the idea that 'Welsh' Montgomeryshire would vote solidly Conservative would have been dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic. And Simon Baynes, Peter Lewis and Aled Davies are councillors who will do a wonderful job for the area.

Another significant aspect, is what happened in Newtown, where we won the three seats we contested. We've always thought that winning Newtown is crucial to winning Montgomeryshire in a General Election. Its also where the Liberal Democrat Office is and where the sitting Lib Dem MP lives. But as canvassing in support of our candidates, I realised that there was something serious up, because of the fantastic welcome I received. We won each of the three seats with a comfortable majority of over 100.

Today, the Conservative banner proved itself in Montgomeryshire. Candidates flying it carried a big electoral advantage. This changes things big-time. Already two potential candidates have approached me with a view to standing for us in four years time, and becoming involved in my own campaign. Over the last 24 hours the rules of the game have changed. Today we took a huge step forward, but it was only the first step.

And then I had to go out shopping for provisions in readiness for little Ffion's christening on Sunday. Its a case of joy followed by stress followed by joy. She's seven months old and beautiful beyond my ability to adequately transmit in words. Life can't get much better than this.


unixman said...

I think - as a near-outside (Oswestry born & bred) looking in - the reason for change has been simple: you are the WELSH Conservatives. You are all bilingual, from the community you serve and understand the local issues....

Anonymous said...

well done Glyn the Conservatives did well.I hope your happy I am sure it bodes well for you when the time comes
Enjoy the Christening

Anonymous said...

Da iawn Glyn - etholiadau bendigedid dros Maldwyn
ymlaen at y gwaith yn erbyn y seren teledu (rhan amser!)

Glyn Davies said...

unixman - we're not all bilingual, but we are committed to bilingualism. Its very important that we make sure that non Welsh speakers do not feel discriminated against, or feel in any way sidelined.

VM - Thanks and I will enjoy Sunday's great event.

anon - Diolch, a gobeithio bydd y llwyddiant cam ymlaen i ennill yr Etholiad Cyfredinol.