Friday, May 02, 2008


I've had a glass of wine. Feeling very mellow. Wanting to publicly congratulate

Simon Baynes, new Conservative Councillor for Lanwddyn
Peter Lewis, new Conservative Councillor for Llanfyllin
Aled Davies, new Conservative Councillor for Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant.
Russell George, new Conservative Councillor for Newtown Central.
Frank Torrens, new Conservative Councillor for Newtown Llanllwchaearn.
Peter Harris, new Conservative Councillor for Newtown (not sure).


Steve Kaye, on a valiant attempt to become the Conservative Councillor for Welshpool Castle.
Mark Johannson, on a valiant attempt to become Conservative Councillor for Llandysilio.
Richard Horne, on a valiant attempt to become Conservative Councillor for Montgomery.

Congratulations from this blog on a fantastic performance.


suzy davies said...

Absolutely wonderful news - and councillors of such calibre too. Heartiest congratulations to everyone in Monty Cons on such a spectacular success. Suzy and the new Brecon & Radnorshire councillors!

dowlais twp said...

well done on some splendid and entertaining blogging during the election.
labour and plaid were both very poor inthsi election and the winner were going to be the indies, conservatives and lib dems

I wish you had been standing in my ward you would have gotten my vote, as it is i wasted my vote using only one out of three.

where does this leave the one wales document and the coalition, slowly sinking in the bay to be washed away with the tide.

Hope Mrs D vote before she went to Spain!

Anonymous said...

Well Glyn ... it was 6 after all. Delerious?

Gareth said...

Fantastic news great to see fresh blue blood in the system - lets see more in the years to come

Glyn Davies said...

suzy - its been a fabulous day for us. I've worked hard to support our candidates, as you have in Band R. I'm going to step back now and not try to interfere with our new 9 strong Conservative Group, who I feel certain are going to be a great credit to the Conservative Party. I know Mike Hodges, but not the other two from B and R. Looking forward to meeting them.

Dowlais - Mrs D has a postal - but we didn't have a Conservative candidate in Berriew. Also 3 of the candidates were personal friends of mine, so we're not saying who we voted for.

Evan - Must admit, six wins was at the extreme of my hopes. It was a great result, especially in that there was little scope for an anti-Labour vote in Montgomeryshire, where Labour are comparatively insignificant. We're looking forward to an Evan Price day in Montg..

Gareth - In Montg we have some super candidates and I'm very keen to meet the three from B and R. I believe that we will win many more seats now that we have demonstrated that Conservatives can win. Watershed day its been in Powys.

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Glyn - congratulations on this stunning victory.

Dowlais Twp is right to raise the issue of the One Wales agreement. I was in the BBC studio with Adam Price yesterday and whilst I have enormous respect for Adam, I was incredulous when he said that Plaid would consider a coalition with Labour in Carmarthenshire!

I believe things can only get worst for Labour with lame duck leaders in Cardiff Bay and Westminster, for quite different reasons. Why on earth would Plaid want to be part of that?

p.s. Do you know how many of the 'independents' still on Powys are really Conservatives?

Glyn Davies said...

Dylan - diolch. I've given up trying to understand what drives Plaid Cymru to some of their actions. I suspect that the Montgomeryshire Conservatives winning the three seats on Powys County Council, where the Welsh Language is strongest, will make even Adam Price think twice.

There are several openly Conservative Councillors sitting as Independents. What makes the result in Montgomeryshire all the more spectacular is that we did not ask one of them to switch to us. I'd like them to, but its entirely a matter for them. What will make them think is that the Conservtive 'banner' proved to be worth at least 100 votes on Thursday - and I've not the slightest doubt that ambition young locals will want to stand for us next time around, now that we've shown we can win. Two have already contacted me.

Gary Price said...

Glyn, I think it is only right that the three new Conservative Cllrs for Brecon & Radnor are mentioned in name. They are Mike Hodges New Conservative Cllr for Llandrindod Wells, Sarah Millington New and only female Conservative Cllr for Llandrindod Wells South, Gareth Ratcliffe New Conservative Cllr for Hay On Wye. Sarah & Gareth are 27 & 28 respectively and both beat Sitting Liberal Democrat Bigwigs. I look forward as a Llandrindod Wells Councillor myself to working with both Mike & Sarah for the good of our town. Hopfully now this is the foundation for a Conservative MP or AM from Brecon & Radnor?

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

p.s. I should also congratulate Suzy and the Brecon and Radnor Conservatives.

Suzy - get a blog quick so I can do this easier!

Glyn Davies said...

Gary - thanks. I thought this comment worth a specific post. It would be great if you could keep me up to speed with what's happening in B and R - either through comments, or email me at