Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rockin all over the world.

Spin Doctor in today's Wales on Sunday tells us that William Graham, AM last week asked of the Deputy First Minister in the National Assembly a question of high importance. Would the planned half hourly train service between Cardiff and Merthyr be up and running in time for the Status Quo concert on July 26th. I did not realise that William was a Quo fan, but I want to send out a warning to him, and other AMs who might be thinking of attending - born of experience. I used to be a follower of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, and have much enjoyed their concerts. But I decided to fore-go this pleasure when I suffered a week's deafness after the last concert I went to.

Now, I realise that deafness can be a useful weapon in a politician's armoury, but it needs to be intermittent, partial and under the control of the politician concerned to be effective. Total deafness in no use to a politician at all. It leads to all sorts of trouble. Just look at what's happening to Gordon Brown. I've got a ticket for Bruce Springstein in Cardiff on June 15th though. See you there William.


Anonymous said...

Its open air Glyn I am going and will be rocking

Glyn Davies said...

vm - Well, that's different. If it wasn't our wedding anniversary and if our No 3 son and Adrienne were not getting married on the same day, I'd have thought anout joining you.