Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ffion's Baptism

Today, in the village of Berriew's wonderful Church, we were invited to accept that, by water and spirit, Ffion Eluned Davies be reborn as one of God's children, be made a follower of Christ, a member of his body, the Church and an inheritor of the kingdom of heaven. There were about 20 of us there and we all agreed. The occasion was our first little granddaughter, Ffion's Baptism.

Ffion, who is 7 months old, and the most beautiful creature imaginable was in sparkling form. She wanted to join in the Service to such an extent that she was awarded a public dummy to encourage a slightly reduced level of participation. She wore the same lovely white christening gown that her father, Edward and our other three children had been wearing when they were baptised. Mrs D rather cleverly made it, by recycling her wedding dress, 38 years ago. And then we came to the 'Heather McCartney' moment. The Venerable John Thelwell, was extremely liberal with the Baptismal Water. Ffion ignored it completely, was fascinated by the innards of the font and grabbed the Archdeacon's beard. I think that either Adrienne or Verity has the moment on camera. It will be published. The rest of today has been an extended celebration of our good fortune.

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Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Congrats Glyn. Memorable day for you and your loved ones.