Thursday, May 01, 2008

What's the world coming to?

In my opinion men should behave like men. They shouldn't do the things that women do, like wearing jewelry in public, or masking the smell of the real man with artificial scent. I have tried desperately to move with the times, and have not disinherited my son for choosing/agreeing to wear a wedding ring - shocked though I was. And I fully expect that No 3 son, Tim will wear a similar item of jewelry after his wedding in July. Now, I do admit that in what I might refer to as an 'experimental' period in my life. I did once use aftershave, (which made me feel 'dirty') and I did once try deodorant when my old PA, Phill bought me an aerosol - following a particularly bad case of sweaty armpits in a televised Assembly Committee meeting a few years back. Until I learned that if I wore a white shirt, sweaty armpits are not noticeable. In my opinion, men should smell like men. Its fine for women to smell like Madonna Lilies and Phlox, and wear bangles and beads - in fact I find it rather pleasant, in an entirely proper way. Absolutely not like the despicable Troy Buswell, leader of the Liberal Party in Western Australia who broke down in tears yesterday as he tearfully admitted 'sniffing the chair' of a female colleague in 2005 (reported in yesterday's Telegraph). Honestly it was.

I can see that times they are a-changin. But it still comes as something of a shock to learn that a survey has revealed a 800% growth in the sale of male toiletries since 2001. According to the Telegraph 'Notebook' the biggest growth area is anti ageing lotions for the over 50s. Well, you're not going to catch me applying the L'Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift. I don't even like the softness of my hands since I gave up farming full-time. Whatever happened to the 'craggy' look, I say.

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