Friday, May 30, 2008

Aureus Place

An advantage of being a Parliamentary candidate is that I get to see all sorts of developments that I otherwise wouldn't. A conducted tour of Aureus Place in Welshpool this week was a good example.

Aureus Place is a brand new care home which will provide for 8 young adults in need of neuro-behavioural care and support. It is located adjacent to the well known Rallt Care Home and has been built by Swanton Care and Community Ltd. The new manager is Carolyn Farmer, who bubbles with enthusiasm about the challenge facing her. The Home is superbly constructed, and will be receiving its first 'service users' (this seems to be the accepted word currently) over the next few weeks. It sets a very high standard in bricks and mortar. And there is no reason not to expect the same very high stardard of care.

Regular readers will know of my developing interest in the provision of specialist care for the various groups who need it. In my opinion this is the biggest challenge facing our Government over the next few years. Yes, I did say biggest. The more time I spend learning about the scale of the challenge facing us, the more I realise that successive governments have simply not grasped the scale of this issue. Anyway, welcome Aureus. And best of luck Carolyn. Look forward to meeting you again soon.

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