Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vermin at the Cil.

Six-o-clock this morning. One hell of a rumpus in the garden, about 20 feet from the bedroom window. All the Canada Geese (about 10 adults at pesent) suddenly broke into a full throated alarm call. Mrs D was first to the window, and there were all of our Canadas fronting up to a dog fox, who fancied one of our four new goslings for breakfast. For some reason, they were a long way from the safety of their large pool, and highly vulnerable. We have a small fish pond near the house, and the family had in desperation dived in and escaped into the middle, with the parents circling them like Wild West Indian wagons. The fox was no more than 6 feet from that which his stomoch desired. I've never seen this sort of stand off before, and was fascinated watching the fox just strolling around our lawns as if he owned the place. There is something wonderfully evocative about watching a wild fox on the prowl. Anyway, our gosling family remain intact - but I fear that Reynard will be back.

Perhaps it was the blatancy of this prince of vermin's visit that has fired up Mrs D's venom towards vermin in general. She went shopping for weapons while I was in Cardiff today, to deal with a plague of mice that have invaded the house. No way will I dare walk around the house tonight without my shoes on. There are a range of Little Nippers stationed at various strategic locations. She tells me she was contemplating buying some sort of noise gun, which will destroy the eardrums of Grey Squirrels, driving them off our bird feeders - and the eardrums of cats as well. Personally I think the squirrels deserve proper guns. It seems there is also some sort of machine that stops the neighbours dogs barking, without your neighbour knowing who did it. Apparently all of these new armaments are available at Charlies Stores in Welshpool. I wonder whether there's anything available to deal with Lib Dems.


colin the barbarian said...

The best bait for your Little Nippers is peanut butter. It can be pressed onto the spike and adheres to the trigger board making it difficult for Mr. Mouse to remove. He finds it irresistable.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"I wonder whether there's anything available to deal with Lib Dems."

... common sense gun?

Left Field said...

I wonder whether there's anything available to deal with Dr Christopher Wood? I suspect not :)

Anyway, watch out for the black squirrels.

Glyn Davies said...

colin - a jar of peanut butter will be added to the military complex.

Christopher - Perhaps such things will be advertised in the next issue of GQ Magazine.

left field - I always advise the scroll down key for those who need it. Personally, I've always enjoyed his contributions.

I'm been interested in the impact that Blach Sqirrels will have. They are a 'mutation' of the Greys, but we do not know whether the will be more or less of a threat to the reds. The 'black is more powerful, which makes one instinctively think it will be even worse - but its not power that has caused the demise of the red. Its food sources and disease, and we don't know how this will change. For lovers of indiginous British species, the emergence and rapid spread of the Black is an uncertain and worrying development

Anonymous said...

I had a dog fox in our garden a few weeks back he was in our summer house which is open ended
he was less than a foot from me when I saw him he was huge and very impressive.My god he ran fast and my big german sheherd just sat and watched him

Glyn Davies said...

VM - I used to see foxes a lot when I was more directly involved in the lambing season. Funniest was when a fox and my sheep were fighting to eat sheep nuts. I used to just pour the nuts out of the bag onto the ground (into the snow on this particular day) and the sheep were taking no notice of Reynard at all.

Anonymous said...

And here we go once more - the part time MP for Mont is in Hello AGAIN this week! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM???? And instead of telling him to stop this utter stupidity ( he was in just 2 weeks ago trying to get one over Ms Lloyd's book by announcing his "engagement" ) we learn from Piers Morgan that the Libido Dems actually offered him up for interview in GQ!!!!! Why can't they see he's a walking talking disaster? And why can't he see that this farcical parading of himself and his "fiancee" in Hello is now getting up everyone's noses......?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I have to admit that I cannot see his strategy as being sensible. I accept that I may be a touch old fashioned in that I think an MP should at least try to be a serious figure. We will have to wait and see what the voters think at the next election.