Friday, March 30, 2007

What the hell is 'facebook'

I have only just got used to the 'blogging' thing - and now I'm confronted by something called 'Facebook'. I have all these strange people emailing me asking if they can be my friend. It doesn't seem very nice to say No. My nain always used to say that I should never spit a potential friend in the eye. It reminds me of an occasion when I was sitting on my own on a plane between Denver and Lincoln when an American woman came up to me and asked me if she could sit by me because she would like to have a conversation. She had heard my Welsh accent and liked it - even if she did think I was an Indian!

I have no idea what I am joining Facebook for - but Peter Hain and Peter Black have joined so it must be very 'new man'. I've just had a look around and I have a question mark where all my 'friends' have a photograph. I'll have to ask Phill, my PA who is a wizzo about these things to sort me out on Monday.


Alison said...

Social networking sites! Think Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Orkut, People Aggregator etc etc.

I believe John Edwards (US candidate) used it in the 2004 election campaign. I remember some candidates used Orkut back in 2004 (when there was a buzz).

Seems he's still onto it, check out this:

Blamerbell said...

Glyn, it's really quite simple.

Log in. In the left sidebar beneath the search box you'll see 'My Profile' and 'edit'. Click 'edit'. Click 'picture'. Select a picture and upload it.

Just promise me you aren't going to further sully the Facebook with all that political posturing. That's not what it's for.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat with Facebook. Ive already got a myspace, which as a musician I can say does have some merit, but all the others -and there are countless others- I really can't work out what their use is. But then I'm not a fan of on-line "chat", unless it's using an IM service to talk to somebody I actually know.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Since when do I do political posturing. Perhaps I should. I shall go forth right now and post some.

--jim said...

OK, Glyn is in Wales. twould be interesting to have a pin in the map for the rest of these faces who have posted. (me? Somerset.)