Sunday, March 25, 2007

EDF Energy Cup Semis.

Began yesterday in my Cardiff office, clearing my desk before the Assembly Election in 38 days time - just in case we Tories do very well, in which case I will become an ex-AM. I know this takes some getting your head around. In fact, its beyond rational explanation. But that's today's Welsh Labour for you. They're constitutional vandals who put the sectarian interests of Welsh Labour above all else.

The Leicester/Sale game was like watching two exhausted sumo wrestlers leaning on each other for 80 minutes. All sweat and grunt and no spark. Only a try by the magnificent Frenchman, Chabal to inspire the crowd. Even the result was entirely predictable. The Tigers looked winners from the start.

There was more action in the first 10 minutes of the Cardiff/Ospreys game than in the 80 which had gone before. Promised to be a good game till the Blues lost their heads. There was more yellow being flashed that at the Plaid conference in Caernarfon - and Sidoli would have gone for an early bath if I'd been the ref. What was he thinking about. He didn't even try to disguise the 'agricultural' swing he took at Cockbain.

I wonder what the Ospreys money men think after watching Justin Marshall show Mike Phillips how to play scrum-half. If Marshall heads off to France for next season (and who could blame him), the money men might have wished they'd left Phillips with the Blues. I suspect a lot of rugby fans would quite like to see the selfish grab for Phillips turning a bit sour. Hope my wife doesn't read this because he's joined Pat Cash in the pin-ups gallery in our house.

Called at the Griffin in Felinfach for supper - which will be the subject of another post after an hour or two in the garden.

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