Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Big Game

All roads lead to Cardiff today. There's a big game on at 12.00. And it coincides with a six nations game at the Millenium Stadium, later in the day - so expect traffic problems from 11.00 onwards. The 'big' game is at the Glamorgan Wanderers ground. A National Assembly XV is taking on The Commons and Lords Parliamentary XV.

I arranged to meet a few of their boys at the St David's Hotel last night. Did I say 'boys'. They were great hunks of men with bulging shirts and bull necks. (Luckily not all the bulging was in is the right place!) And they growled like annoyed rottweilers when they found out that the St David's doesn't sell beer on draught. They've even got someone from HQ playing in the 2nd row - a giant named Alex Murphy. Max Boyce would be impressed. And rumour has it that Jason Leonard is 'guesting' for them. The plan will have to be 'soften him up' early on.

No choice but play the 'Welsh Way'. Look to Alun Cairns to 'hook' quick ball and spin it out to our fleet-footed fliers on the wings, Dai Lloyd and Rhodri Glyn. And I did take the precaution of buying a couple of drinks for the ref, David Rose, who was down in the city last night getting a feel of things, as international refs do these days. I was advised that this is a good ploy by an Irishman.

Ah well, its 10.30. Can't put it off any longer. Onwards into battle. As Cap't Oates might have said , "this could be my last post for some time".


Anonymous said...

it was a great game and you should have scored two tries and Dr Lloyd should have scored as well. I bet you wouldnt have dropped the ball forty years ago

Glyn Davies AM said...

I'm still grieving over the two tries I missed out on. Just think of it. I would probably have ordered an open top bus for my return to mid Wales today.
Still, as they always say, (untruthfully) its the team that counts and it was great to score a victory for the Assembly.

Che Grav-ara said...

Congrats to you and the team Glyn, I heared it was a great event. Glad to see two big wins for the welsh sides over the english this weekend! Congrats on raising money for a great cause also.