Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big Week on tax policy coming up.

I'm a touch nervous about posting about tax policy - party because its not a devolved matter and partly because its such a politically 'hot' subject. But it cannot any longer be avoided. We are beginning to hear messages coming from on high - like a tax regime which gives greater support to the family and a tax switch to influence environment policy. Today's Telegraph goes into some detail on the latter.

I agree with both these policy positions, even if I do think we must present our support for the family, without a moralistic tone - concentrating our arguments on supporting a stable environment for children to be brought up in. The statistics seem to back this approach. Unless we make every effort not to be judgemental about how individuals choose to live their lives, we will be criticised. The environment tax switch is a massive political issue for us, and this is a big week, as George Osbourne outlines some of his thinking and the Climate Change Bill is published.

I cannot resist a slightly tongue in cheek linkage between marriage and environment policy. Or divorce rather than marriage. According to Marc Barker in today's Wales on Sunday, a Welsh company, Quickie Divorce UK based in Bridgend can disunite the unhappy couple for just £40. Assuming the couple move into separate houses, they would qualify for 2 lots of £20's worth of free low energy light bulbs if the Tories win May's Asembly election. What's the betting some wag starts mocking our 'divorce for free' manifesto.


Anonymous said...

nice to see the tories winding up the voters by putting up taxes. first it was north wales council tax payers to pay for brunstums folly and now you want to stop everyone going on holiday. woops

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the same rate of tax on all fuel used for transport ie cars planes ship hot air balloons. Petrol cost for cars is trippled by tax, I wonder what would happen to the cost of a long haul flight if this happened

Anonymous said...

Interesting letter the Western Mail which suggests that two Labour councillors on the North Wales Police Authority voted for a 15% increase in council tax. If this is true then it could be very embarassing for Labour candidates in North Wales

Glyn Davies AM said...

I agree that Labour's attempt to make political capital out of the North Wales Police Authority budget will backfire on them.

The key message that we will have to get across is that any tax increase is genuinely a 'switch' which results in tax reductions elsewhere. Gordon Brown has ensured that the public do not believe this will ever happen - and will just see any tax increase as a revenue raising measure.