Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chauffeur's Diary

Sunday morning and back to my computer for a 'blogfest' after a demanding week - in part self-inflicted by political ambition and the pursuit of pleasure, a dangerous combination.

Thursday - lunch with the Institute of Welsh Affairs in Cardiff to listen to a polished performance from our Cheryl Gillan. Then a quick dash to the Bay to film a discussion about Welsh politics with young Poles outside the Norwegian Church. An interest in the Second World War has given me an enduring respect for the Polish nation. And then the train home for a fundraiser with Shadow cabinet members in Mid Wales - and to collect wife's car for chauffeuring duties the next morning (I'm driving an old banger at the moment). This meant a midnight drive back to Cardiff. Knackered.

Friday - Reception in the Millenium Centre, attended by our shiny new leader, Mr Cameron. And then back to Mid Wales with Shadow Minister, Caroline Spelman. I drew the long straw here. Not only is Caroline great company, but she's a rugby fanatic as well, married to an ex-Saracens prop forward. My ruthless adherence to a timetable enabled a visit to Ysgol Cedewin to discuss desperate shortage of respite care, followed by a visit to Welshpool's Spar supermarket to discuss local sourcing of food, and arrival on the platform as the train back to the Midlands was pulling in. Trip went like clockwork. Even more knackered.

Saturday - back down to Cardiff for the EDF Energy Cup semis (courtesy of the BBC) - which will be the subject of next post, after I've had lunch.


Jon from Brecon said...

I see Arsembly is back in action today with his decimation of Ioan Bellin. I wouldn't like to make an enemy out of that blogger.

Glyn, waht do you think of blogs like Guido Fawkes and Arsembly, are they a good thing? Do you and other politicians laugh at the secretly? And do you have any idea who writes the Arsembly blog?

Anonymous said...

Arsembly is a disgrace. I can't believe he gets away with what he writes. I am disgusted.

I am sure Glyn agrees.

Jon from Brecon said...

I am sure Glyn doesn't condone a lot of what Arsembly does. That wasn't my question.

Does Glyn think that the Welsh political blogosphere is a better or worse place with Arsembly?

Does he allow himself to laugh at some of what Arsembly writes? Does he agree with it?

And does he know who's running it?

Anonymous said...

Glyn obviously doesn't want to answer your questions...

Glyn Davies AM said...

Arsembly is not my sort of blog - but no-one has to visit it. And you know what you are going to see if you do. There are people who say the sort of things that Arsembly posts - so I cannot see the difference.

Sometimes this sort of blogger is funny and sometimes its just an easy very unfunny hit on someone who doesn't deserve it. Now, I'm going to have to see what's been said about Ioan. Over the years, I've taken a few low blows myself - hopefully with a good grace. If you're in public life and try to be forthright, you know what's coming.

I visit the Arsembly blog from time to time and sometimes I'm amused, and somertimes I'm disgusted. I suspect that is how Arsembly wants visitors to react. I don't know who it is - but its someone well informed about Welsh politics. At heart, I'm a libertarian so let Arsembly strut his or her stuff. But if you are offended by it, just don't read it.

Anonymous said...

it seems that lee waters or cathy owens are the two most likely candidates according to media sources.