Friday, March 09, 2007

'Double' Top Man at Powys County Council?

Heard an interesting story today about Mark Kerr, Chief Exec of Powys County Council - a man for whom I have a lot of time. Regret to say it is single-sourced and I haven't seen the evidence for myself - so cannot be sure that its true. Rings true though - so I'll blog it.

Now Mark Kerr is an interesting man - not your conventional Chief Exec. None the worse for that. He seems decisive and straight talking. But I have always wondered how a man who reached the very top in the Royal Navy would cope with the frustrations of Committees and councillor's sometimes parochial demands. The question is "Have I found out".

For some reason Council staff (and ex-staff) have begun ringing me up with interesting snippets of information. My latest source tells me that the Chief Exec has A4 size photographs of all the councillors on a wall in his house - and he throws darts at them when the mood takes him. I have no information about which photographs have the most dart holes in them - or whether AMs are in the target gallery. I will ask him the next time I see him. I hope this story is true. I'd like it to be. I think every Chief Exec should do the same.