Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Perils of live radio.

Did half an hour on Radio Wales discussing tail docking of dogs. The programme went out at one, 'live' from the Sennedd, with Alun Pugh lauching a new book, 'Pembrokeshire - Historic Landscapes from the Air' about 10 yards away from the makeshift studio.

Just as I finished my answer to the first phone-in question, a huge round of applause went up as Alun was introduced. Perfect timing. Both Richard Evans and I were much amused. Another huge round of applause went up just as I finished answering my second question. Richard had to explain that I hadn't brought along my own personal army of cheer leaders. All quite good fun.

But then it turned sour. Richard went to the 1.30 news bulletin and reported the top line story about a young woman being murdered in gory fashion, whereupon there was a third huge round of applause. I was horrified. I just hope it didn't sound as bad on the radio as it did to me. Just goes to highlight the potential pitfalls of live radio.

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