Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Turn Again Lembit, Lord Mayor of London

Hello, the Lib Dems are advertising for a London Mayoral Election candidate. Surprise, surprise. Whose name pops up. Step forward, Lembit Opik. The Shropshire Star reports that Lembit is unlikely to throw his hat into the ring. I rather hope that he changes his mind. It might stop him being so 'crousty'. Whatever happened to 'Fun Guy Lem'.

Last week, I was asked by Golwg's lively reporter, Carwyn Fowler how I thought we would get on in Montgomeryshire next May. I said that we might win. We cut the majority last time from 5700 to 2300. Our candidate, Dan Munford is a class act. And I added, in passing, that all the publicity about Lem's private life would probably have helped us as well. Blindingly bl***y obvious. Thought nothing of it. But No. Lembit went ballistic. Launched in so far that Carwyn offered me the right of response. So I just repeated what I'd said.

Perhaps Lembit had sat on a thistle. Perhaps, the rumours about his local association's unhappiness with him are true after all. Perhaps Sian Lloyd is going to stand against him at the next election. There's certainly something 'bugging' him.

So "Turn again, Lembit. Get back in the public eye. Get out the leathers, the Honda 500, the harmonica and take to the streets of London Town. We Tories will look after Montgomeryshire when your mind is on other things. You might even find your sense of proportion and humour when you're back on the telly again.


Anonymous said...

ooh you bitch....mieow!

Tortoiseshell said...

Difyr dros ben!!!

Anonymous said...

it was lembit who put himself up for the job just so that he could deny it and get a bit of free publicity

Anonymous said...

If Sian Lloyd stood in Montgomeryshire at the next election she would beat the libdem philanderer hands down. And I know voter sin Montgomeryshire who will never vote Libdem again while Opik is the MP

Glyn Davies AM said...

Interesting comments from anons. My experienve tells me that the publicity surrounding Lembit's private life has damaged the Liberal Democrats in Montgomeryshire (and Wales).

And he cannot really complain about public comment on his private life because he was only too willing to take the Hello Magazine shilling. He is trying to accuse me of 'dirty politics' simply to distract attention from the consequences of his own doings. The reality is that while I have joined in some of the general mirth, I have not criticised Lembit at all. There are plenty of Liberal Democrats doing that. His private life is his private life - except where he makes it a public matter himself.