Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Griffin at Felinfach

Ate last night at our favourite restaurant, 3 miles NE of Brecon on A470. We probably eat at the Griffin once a fortnight, en route between Cardiff and Berriew.

The Griffin isn't 'posh' or pretentious in any way at all - just very comfortable and relaxing. The atmosphere is so friendly that there's a temptation to talk to complete strangers. And there is plenty of room, both to sit with a drink before eating and between tables. There's such a temptation in restaurants today to pack in as many customers as possible, with tables that are too small. Not at the Griffin.

The service and food have been top notch throughout the years I have been a customer. Service is invariably quick and informal. Its not a huge menu - but wide enough. I'm going through a phase of eating the venison or the hake - and its always just about spot on. I never order a starter (usually because we want to get on with our journey) - but there is always a complementary amuse bouche and a few small slices of delicious bread to compensate. And there's a good selection of wines.

There are rooms at the Griffin. We've not stayed there - but I'm told that they are in keeping with the rest of what's on offer. Simple, informal, comfortable and high quality. If anyone who lives in Cardiff fancies going out of town for supper and an overnight stay, there will be nothing better than the Griffin within an hours drive.


Jim said...


How could you??

Now we'll never be able to get in at the Griffin!!

Jim Griffiths

Glyn Davies AM said...

Didn't think of that. Should have said it was rubbish, so that there will always be space for you and us.