Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not a single Welshman.

So its all over for another year. Another six nations comes to an end. France and Italy are the big winners. Only Scotland have nothing worthwhile. Both England and Wales finish with something to build on.

But who has played their way into the imaginary 'European' team. Not a single Welshman, I fear - except that, personally Mark Jones would always be on my wing. "What about Hook", I hear you cry - but it was Wilkinson who put in the best individual performance, and O'Gara would did the business over the whole tournament. "What about Peel", I hear another cry - but for me the Frenchman, Mignoni gets the nod. "What about Martin Williams", I appeal to myself - but how can I leave out the Irish boys, Easterby and Wallace to play alongside the Italian, Parisse in the back row.

Ah, but they will come good in the World Cup. I'm a Welsh rugby fan imbued with super-optimism. I see world beaters emerging everywhere. Its just the way we are.

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