Monday, March 05, 2007

Sorry Peter - but Ming's blown your cover.

I usually call on Peter Black's site whenever I'm on a blog trawl. Today's is an interesting read. Peter desperately trying to retro-write Ming's weekend invitation to Gordon Brown to give him a ring if there is a 'hung' parliament after the next General Election. For anyone who knows anything about political 'positioning', there was little doubt about what Ming has in mind. And I can understand why. David Cameron is grabbing Lib Dem territory like a hyperactive hymac and hoovering up Lib Dem votes like a rampant road sweeper.

Its the same in Wales. Just like Ming, Mike German is trying to wriggle out of the Lib's longstanding commitment to proportional representation. They both know that Labour will not touch PR with a bargepole. There's been a bit of speculation in the media about the Tories looking at including some reference to PR in the Assembly manifesto. Wouldn't it be something if Mike German wanted to do a deal with Rhodri next May, without any reference whatsoever to PR in local government in Wales - while both Plaid and the Tories were willing to move in the PR direction. I don't know if its in our manifesto (my story anyway) but it would be rather fun to watch Mike (and Peter and Kirsty) trying to squirm their way out of that little conundrum.

Sorry Peter - but Ming and his spin doctors seem to have blown your cover. You may have to talk to us after all!!


Peter Black said...

Wishful thinking Glyn mostly coming from believing what you read in the newspapers - always a mistake. Mike German has not gone back on the party's committment to PR for local Government and it remains as important a part of our platform as it always has been. Equally, my post just reflects the official version of Ming's speech as opposed to the rogue view put about by a now very chastened press officer.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Dear Mr Press Officer, Go forth and 'spin' this line for me - and if it goes the wrong way, I will have to chastise you - just for appearances, you understand. Wink Wink.

Anonymous said...

glyn, now we know how the tory press officer works.

Anonymous said...

so is Peter saying there is no chance of a deal with labour after may. and has he checked this with mike german