Monday, March 05, 2007

Two sporting stars

Whenever I blog on sport, it is usually in awe of Nicole Cooke. She's done it again - and this time to the Australians in their own backyard. Earlier this week she won the tough Geelong Tour - the first non-Australian to do it. And then this weekend, she won the first round of this year's World Cup - taking on all the world's best and a thunderstorm as well The woman from Bridgend is Britain's shiniest sports star bar none.

And a special word for D M Leverock, a 20 stone + plumber from Bermuda. In today's Cricket World Cup warm-up between England and Bermuda, DM took 2 for 32 in 10 overs. This is Shane Warne territory. Apparently he had the number 99 on his back - which several spectators thought was sponsorship!! Its not as if they were not good wickets. He got Pieterson and Collingwood, two of our best.


Blamerbell said...

Am I being daft? Why can't I see your 'Cameron on form in Cardiff' post?

Glyn Davies AM said...

You may well be daft. But you are sharp-eyed. And how on earth do you remember the title? But no untoward reason. Its because someone played silly b****** with the comments - and I'm such a techno-phobe that I didn't know how to delete the comment - without deleting the post. But I printed it off first and will ask Phill to re-post it today.