Friday, March 23, 2007

Love not War says Plaid

The sun will be shining over Caernarfon this weekend, according to BBC online. There will he happy smiling faces and Dafydd Iwan crooning about love and goodness. If it had been June, there would have been boys and girls in check shirts and floral dresses skipping over the grass and making daisy chains - throwing their heads back and blowing kisses at 'Vote Labour' billboards. No more nasty attacks on political opponents. All Plaid wants to do it seems is 'make a difference'. Better tell Rhodri Glyn that propping up Labour in a Lab/Plaid coalition after the May election isn't making much of a difference

But what's this. Ieuan hasn't read the script - again. "After years of rudderless leadership" he rants. "A lack of vision from Labour" he thunders. Hang on, Ieuan. What about these positive ideas and no attacks on political opponents? It didn't even last as far as the end of the press release. If you're not careful, they will call you a floppy daffodil. Ah well, politics back to normal.


Martin Eaglestone said...

Glad to let you know Glyn that Ieuan and Adam Price did not wish to sign the pledge and stop a coalition with the Tories. See blog for update.

It seems the Rainbow dreams, coalitions and Ministerial cars are back on your agenda !

Glyn Davies AM said...

Thanks Martin. I too have enjoyed watching Adam and others say so publicly that they are willing to consider coalition with us. It is a mark of how much we have changed and are now accepted as a genuinely 'Welsh' party.

For me, the dreams have never been off my agenda - although as a backbencher, I see the 'ministerial car' as akin to winning the lottery - would be rather nice, but I have never bought a lottery ticket.

Martin Eaglestone said...

But perhaps Ieaun has now paid the entry fee for you - or could it be the exit door for himself !!

Glyn Davies AM said...

I'm just going to have to post on this now. I had to decided to stop going on about the Rainbow Coalition because I was starting to feel a tad isolated - but Plaid seem to have put it back on the agenda.