Friday, March 16, 2007

Hot Air on Dragon's Eye

Dragon's Eye looked at carbon emission reduction targets last night. As it happens , we had discussed the same issue in EPC Committee on Wed morning - when I caused a few sharp intakes of breath when I said that I had some sympathy for Rhodri Morgan's position. But it is only a smidgen of sympathy. I disagree with a lot more than I agree with.

Rhodri and Carwyn Jones, who was on last night's show do not want any specific Wales targets for emission reductions. Carwyn keeps on banging on about something called 'levers of power'. I haven't heard Rhodri mention these things yet - but I'm sure its only a matter of time. Carwyn keeps on saying that these 'levers' are all confined to London, where he can't get at them. So, according to Carwyn, since he has no 'levers' he is not willing to have any targets.

Alun Ffred and Mick Bates looked less than convincing to me. They said a lot more than Brynle, but made less sense. And this is where I agree with Rhodri. I could be out on a bit of a limb here but I am not at all sure about annual 3% reduction targets. I am in favour of short term 'rolling' emission reduction targets (probably annual) but they have got to be independently set at an achievable level - or they will have no integrity and be ignored. And I do not think it is realistic to have the same reduction targets in every part of the UK - because it depends on so many regional factors. I know that simplistic demands are easiest to communicate but we must have targets that are 'tough but achievable'. They just won't work otherwise.

I just loved Mike German's joke about the Welshman with one tooth being known as 'Dai Central Eating'. Its as old as the Cambrian Mountains but I've never heard it told quite like that before. And its probably the first time I've laughed at it. I hope Mike will repeat his joke in the Chamber for us - as long as he explains the joke to us all afterwards. That's the bit I enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Glyn, but Arsembly has the best review of Dragons Eye this week!

Glyn Davies AM said...

Arsembly has a bit more freedom than I have. If I posted what he posted about Mai Davies, I'd be up before the Standards Committee. And as for Leanne, I would need a bodygaurd to survive in the tea-room. Doesn't mean that I don't agree with some of what he posts. And I still laugh when I recall Mike's joke telling - which deserves wider coverage.

Anonymous said...

what about a 3% emissions reduction target for AMs and an equivilent salary reduction to match? the public wins both ways

Anonymous said...

Why dont you add Arsembly to your links.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Will do. I need to update my sidebar. I wouldn't mind knowing who this blogger is. Obviosly near to the action - bit like normal mouth. Would like to know who this is too. Any suggestions welcome - or admissions