Friday, March 09, 2007

Patrick Mercer had to go

Just off to do an interview for Dau o'r Bae about the sacking of Patrick Mercer. I was really sorry about this because I've always thought of Patrick as being a decent man. I had a coffee with him when he was in the Assembly sometime last year. I still do not believe that he is in any way racist. But David Cameron was right to sack him. In fact, he had no choice.

I accept it may be possible to read Patrick's comments in a entirely non-racist way - but context is all. His comments sounded racist. They caused great embarrassment and damage to his party because of how they sounded. And he would have to have gone in the end. We've all got to be careful about language, ensuring that it doesn't cause offence. David Cameron did what he had to do, with decisiveness


Anonymous said...

mercers comments show that there is still latent racism in the tory party despite what cameron says.

Che Grav-ara said...

Glyn are you trying to spin it that the whole disgrace of Patrick mercer's racism has been good in showing decicivness on Cameron's part? Kicking Tory racisists out proves only one thing....there is still a bigitory edge to the conservatives

bethan said...

The main issue here is that there is still racism in the Conservative party and in the army, and that opinions need to change if we are going to succeed in creating an equal society.

For Tories to claim that Mercer is not racist is hard to grasp, as his comments were blatantly racist.

Glyn Davies AM said...

I can understand why those of you who wish ill upon the Conservative Party want to create an impression that there is racism in our party - but I think it is wrong of you to do so. I do not accept that Patrick Mercer is a racist - but he was most unwise to make his point in unacceptable language. I would not repeat some of my shocking experiences when I played rugby in the Midlands in the 70s where racism was commonplace. I do not think it would be accepted today. David Cameron was right to sack Patrick Mercer.

Che, I am not often accused of spin. I really do think Cameron acted decisively - and I am pleased he did. I would have expected you to approve as well.

I believe there is racism everywhere in society and we all have to do what we can to drive it out. I don't believe any political party has a monopoly on good or evil and I do not think it helps the cause to make the sort of accusations that Bethan, Che and anon are making.

C4' said...

For Tories to claim that Mercer is not racist is hard to grasp, as his comments were blatantly racist.

Planet Earth to Bethan. Mr. Mercer comments were not racist, he was simply telling the truth about his experiences of army life. It is not racist to tell the truth.