Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pedalo off Ynys Mon

OK, so he had to have his knuckles rapped. You can't get bladdered, purloin a pedalo and then sink it in the local lake without expecting some kick-back. I suppose that dropping Freddie for one game and stripping him of the vice-captaincy was just about 'proportionate'. But, Oh Dear!, its the moralising that I find so insufferable. Next thing, we'll have calls for the return of his OBE. Don't forget that its Freddie Flintoff who pulls in the fans. He's just a one-off who takes a bit of managing. Mind you, I wouldn't put him in charge of an ocean going liner.

Another one-off has just announced that he's going to stand as an 'Independent' in May's election. My old friend and ex-colleague AM, Peter Rogers is the Freddie Flintoff of Welsh politics. I'm not sure how good Peter would be at the helm of a pedalo - but the only encounter with a sea going vessel that I know of involving Peter, led to him inspiring a posse of incenced farmers onto a ferry off Holyhed. I don't know how near they came to sinking it, but they made a good job of chucking all the discovered Irish beef overboard. Now that Peter is in the Ynys Mon contest, I hope that the furniature being used at hustings meetings will be robust.

Perhaps the most worrying news of all is that Peter is due to take over as High Sheriff of Ynys Mon in two years time - which I undestand will give him the right to send criminals to the gallows. At least a man can't be hanged for sinking a pedalo.

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it seems that execution and cricket go together