Friday, March 02, 2007

New Lamps for Old

Close thing. Just managed to go through the re-cycling box before it went out. Found two dirty old 40 watt 'incandescent' light bulbs, which my wife had swapped for some brighter 60 watt replacements. My wife thought that I'd finally lost it.

"These will be worth money if we win the Election", I announced. "I've just read about Nick Bourne's manifesto committment to offer new energy saving light bulbs in exchange for any old 'incandescent' light bulbs that work". I know its only up to a value of £20 - but I still have hill sheep farmer's blood running through my veins. £20 is £20. That's a lot of bulbs in old money. Montgomeryshire is next door to Ceredigion. I will have my old bulbs ready on May 4th.

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Anonymous said...

I hope I never see the tories going on about labour gimmicks again