Thursday, March 15, 2007

Curtain Comes Down

My last Environment, Planing and Countryside Committee this week. I've really enjoyed being Chair of the Assembly's 'countryside' committee - a job I've done for about 5 years of the Cynulliad's 8 year's existance. I'll miss it.

Now, its on to the campaign trail - hoping to persuade the voters to favour the Conservatives with their support. And I hope to be back in Cardiff Bay on May 4th, trying to wangle myself a decent job of some sort. Perhaps there will be another committee to chair.
I like being an AM - though I read somewhere in the blogosphere (Arse-embly I think it was) that I would like to move to 'another place'. How the hell does he know? Mind you, I have to admit I wouldn't mind taking the errmine. I could spend some time with the brilliant Cobra beer entrepreneur, Lord Bilimora, who was so impressive when he spoke at the Cardiff Business Club this week - and my old friends David Rowe-Beddoe, David Hunt, Brian Griffith and Peter Walker. Oh, what it is to dream!

Now lets get back to the real world. 'Dau o'r Bae' and 'Call to Order' tomorrow, carrying the Assembly's honour onto the Glamorgan Wanderers Rugby ground on Saturday and stacks of meetings all next week, including food with Tory star, Cheryl Gillan in Cardiff, with top Tory man, David Liddington in Llandrindod and top Tory woman, Caroline Spellman in Montgomeryshire. Plus two rivetting afternoons in the chamber.

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