Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wigley Half Right

I listened to Dafydd Wigley deliver an hour long speech at Newtown a few days ago about my old county of Montgomeryshire. It was full of 'Wigleyisms'. I just love it when he says something like "this is not the place to be political" - a sure sign that he is about to be exactly that. I only heard half of it but it was obvious that Dafydd had put in a tremendous amount of work in preparing a top class speech.
One of his 'non-political' comments was about the forthcoming Assembly election where Dafydd is helping Plaid by standing as a candidate in North Wales. (I will eat cooked rat if he is elected - Ron Davies has got more chance as an Independent in Caerphilly). He opined that it is crucial for politics in Wales (and for turnout) that there should be an alternative to Labour. 100% right. He then said that the only alternative is a Labour-led Coalition. 100% wrong. The alternative must be a Government without Labour - or in other words a Plaid/Lib Dem/Tory Government led by the biggest party after Labour - which I have not the slightest doubt will be the new, modern, reasonable Tories.
Some people don't think that I am serious about this. Well, think on this. I am going around being really nice to and about Mick Bates (really nice man) which for me is the political equivilent of eating cooked rat.

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