Monday, November 27, 2006

Missionary Work at Shrewsbury

I spoke to Shrewsbury Conservatives over the weekend and decided to talk about my work as an Assembly Member. This turned out to be a 'brave' decision. It seems that the last speaker to talk about the Assembly had concentrated on its failings - or to put it another way, blasted the utter uselessness of the body which should be immediately abolished. Before you ask who, I didn't. But I earned my dinner at the Lord Hill.

The first question was "Why aren't Welsh patients paying the full cost of treatment at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital - which has put 'our' Hospital in debt to the tune of £34 million? Now that was a damn good question to start the ball rolling.

Question two. "How long must 'we' subsidise you Welsh via the Barnett Formula? We have so many problems of our own that it is obscene that 'we' still have to subsidise 'you' and the Scots.

Third question up was "Why are you helping the EU with its plan to destroy the UK by dividing it into 9 seperate regions - and costing the taxpayers a fortune at the same time?

And question four. "if you are doing so much of the work that MPs do here in Shrewsbury, why has Wales still got so many MPs?

The worrying aspect of this is that I was talking to a really pleasant group who were simply asking what a lot of people in England think. The polls over the weekend that suggested growing calls for an English Parliament came as no surprise to me at all.

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