Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rhodri's Survival Plan. Not For Me

I hear strong rumours that tomorrow's Western Mail is going to report that Rhodri Morgan has decided to soldier on as a 'Minority Government' after next May's Assembly election if Labour manage to scrape 27 seats. They will do well to win 25, let alone 27. This is interesting because even a 27 Labour representation would need a majority of AMs to vote him in as First Minister. I just do not think the other parties would do it. And quite a few Labour AMs wouldn't want to either.
Now, despite Christine Gwyther's uplifting description of me as Nick Bourne's 'right-hand-man' in the Chamber today, I do not have any inside knowledge whatsoever about this. But I would be in favour of refusing to vote him in as First Minister. Coming back with even 27 would be a strong enough message that it is time for a change. And if Labour insist on presenting him as their choice to be First Minister a second time, I would expect the second biggest party (which I anticipate will be the new, modern, reasonable, Welsh Conservatives) to form an Assembly Government instead. Perhaps this is what Christine meant when she described me as a 'right-hand-man'.


Luke young said...

If the opposition are sure that they want rid of the Labour administration, then why not get rid of the minority Government now?

And if you believe Rhodri Morgan should go, then why not exercise the powers that the opposition-in-coalition have and get rid of him. surely this just adds to the opinion that the Torys/plaid/libs/indies are only interested in sniping at the sidelines and not serious about governing wales.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Now, look here Luke, I get into enough trouble as it is without you making it worse! But what you write does make quite a lot of sense.