Thursday, November 09, 2006

Welcome for Claire Clancy

Welcome to Claire Clancy, who is being recommended to Assembly Members next week to take over from Paul Silk as Chief Executive of the National Assembly.
In order to find out a bit more about our new signing, I visited Google to check out the present Chief Executive of Companies House and Regulator of Companies for England and Wales - and up popped a photograph of someone I knew as Claire Coates. Claire was Chief Executive of the Powys TEC in the early 90s while I was Chair of the Development Board for Rural Wales and she roped me in as a member of her organisation. It is a small world.
I remember Claire as being committed and professionl. It will be nice to catch up on the ups and downs of our respective lives/careers (clearly all ups in Claire's case) when she joins us.Her new job will not be an easy one and I hope she enjoys success.
I read on Google that an important part of her current job is winding up limited companies - much the same as I try to do. We Tories try to wind up the Labour Government all the time and they don't come more limited that them!!

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