Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend's Rugby Fest

It didn't seem like an international. 25,000 empty seats, an opposition who didn't know each other's Christian names playing Wales 2nds. But in the end it was an enjoyable game. If the Pacific Islanders had played together for a few weeks longer than the few days they had, Wales might have been up against it. Mark Jones has got to play against the All Blacks in two weeks time.
As for England. Oh Dear! But it would be a mistake to write them off for the six nations. They should sack Robinson tomorrow. If they bottle it, Rob Andrew is a wimp. And they need to bring in a few wild-eyed youngsters - not necessarily better but hungrier.
The All Blacks were simply awesome against France. My wife is becoming very taken with the beautiful Dan Carter, whose film star looks is so enhanced by the comparison with Nonu and Collins, two of the frightningest, ugliest rugby players that I have ever seen. Please don't tell them I wrote this. I will just pass on the embarrassing Springboks - except to write that I think England will beat them - even if Andy Robinson plays himself! I can't think of anything more disparaging to write.
I didn't notice who Rhodri Morgan was entertaining in the two new Assembly Government hospitality boxes he's inherited from the WDA and Wales Tourist Board - and which are paid for by the taxpayers. He will probably claim that he won two billion pounds worth of business from new contracts with the Pacific Islands!!

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